7 Simple Ways for Actors to Jumpstart Momentum

  1. Set a new goal. Choose an action you can take that you are in control of, and can work towards…big or small.  And then begin.
  2. Read.  Read plays, novels, short stories, the newspaper…acting is storytelling.  Let yourself be affected and inspired by stories and how they are told.
  3. Watch a movie…but watch it with intention.  Don’t just veg out in front of the TV.  Is there an actor you like?  A character you’d like to play?  Study the performances; develop a critical eye…what did you like, and why?
  4. Start work on a new monolog.  Do you need an audition piece?  How about challenging yourself with a role you wouldn’t normally play?
  5. Make a video.  Most of us have digital cameras…why not create a character or sketch out a fun story and post it on YouTube?  You’ll challenge yourself to create your best (or silliest) work if you are sharing it with others.  Recommended for all ages.
  6. Get in a class / work with a coach.  Obviously this is what we do…it’s also important.  Are you challenging yourself?  Working as smart as you can be?  Learning as much as you can?  A mentor of mine (T. Harv Eker) says that If you are not growing, you’re dying!  Feeling stagnant?  Get in touch with us or someone.
  7. Celebrate your successes!  Be encouraged by your victories, even the little things.  All the small positive actions lead to big results, and it’s important that we acknowledge them and enjoy them along the way.

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