About StageSuccess

Who we are: StageSuccess is a collaborative group of professionals dedicated to propelling the careers of actors.  We believe that actors are exceptional people, and that there is a place for everyone who has the drive and desire to succeed.  We support these actors with our efforts.

What we do

Our mission is to ensure that actors have every opportunity to develop and express their unique talent.

To this end, we are committed to bringing the best advice, tools, and coaching to actors intent on pursuing a professional career.

Why we do itWe understand that navigating an acting career can be very challenging regardless of your level of expertise.  If you are just beginning, you may be overwhelmed about how and where to start.  If you have been in the business for a number of years, you may experience frustration about how your career is going.  We guide you to the next level.

Acting is both a craft and a business. To be successful, you must be constantly growing, adapting, and expanding your skills and knowledge in both areas.

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How We Got Started…

StageSuccess was inspired by a collaboration between myself and my friend, mentor and acting coach, Adam Hill.

I started studying with Adam in 2000.  As I pursued work in New York, managers, friends and colleagues often encouraged me to teach.  I soon had a coaching practice of my own.

In early 2010, Adam asked me to produce a documentary film centered around his experience as an acting coach for over 100 years (approximately).  His vision was that we would  bring to light the qualities that enabled successful actors to maintain and advance their careers.  The film, Stages, is the result.

Preparation, passion, education, and taking responsibility are the keys to your success as an actor.

–Adam Hill

Working on Stages inspired me to create this website.  My initial goal was to have a place for people to learn about the film, but what has developed is a resource for actors of all ages to find advice, education, and guidance in pursuit of their careers.

Thank you for taking an interest in StageSuccess.  Please let us know if there is any way that we could be of further service to you.  Know that we support you 100%.

With gratitude,

Michael Schreiber

For more information about Adam, please see his coaching page.  You may contact Adam directly here.

For Michael, please go to his coaching page, or email him here.