Picture Perfect

Agents receive a minimum of 350 pictures a week. Casting directors the same unless they are casting a project–then the total could be a thousand or more. What is going to make these business savvy professionals stop as they ?ip through these hundreds of photos and consider your picture?

Before they even consider your resume and experience something about your picture must grab their attention. Continue reading

Q and A: Do You Need to be SAG or AFTRA?

Since writing this post, SAG and AFTRA have merged into SAG-AFTRA.  It’s one union…

Q: [Our son] has been doing some work as an extra and we have been asked if we are members of SAG of AFTRA. Do you recommend one and do you need to be a member of both to be able to work on a SAG project or AFTRA?

A: To simplify as best I can: if a production is signed under a union agreement, you need to be part of the union to work on that production.

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What are you Waiting For?

By Axel Avin Jr.

How many time have you heard these phrases and ones like them mumbled by your friends or even yourself?

  • “I can’t wait until I’m rich and famous, THEN I’ll be able to do what I really want to do.”
  • “I can’t wait until I book a pilot.” “I can’t wait until I get signed by an agent, THEN I’ll start working.”
  • “I’m sick of waiting for  casting directors to cast me.”

As actors, there is a lot of support for the idea that our careers are in the hands of other people. This idea is one that I personally struggle with. Like many actors, I have spent Continue reading

Success is Easy

Commentary:  I am a huge believer that to be truly successful in any endeavor you must be constantly working on yourself as a person.  Especially as an actor: you are the product that you are marketing.  Doesn’t it make sense that it would be easier to market a product at it’s best, and getting better?

Obviously, I recommend doing the activities that are spoken about in this video: exercise, meditation, being on time, etc…everyday.  I understand that consistency is difficult, and I work on it constantly.  I also know that these positive habits will help your energy, creativity, and thus your career.  More acting specific habits: reading, seeing live theatre, staying in touch with your industry contacts, taking classes, auditioning…simple things, done consistently, over time: how could that not lead to success?

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