Adam Hill’s NYC Acting Class – Preparation

In this video, I discuss the work an actor must do to effectively prepare immediately before auditioning or performing.  And it has nothing to do with reviewing lines…

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For the second part of this lecture, please visit the StageSuccess YouTube channel here.

Adam Hill and Brad Garrett – “Stages”

Ladies and gentlemen…here is the first teaser for Stages, an educational documentary, coming soon.

A little history: working on “Stages” was the spark that eventually led to this website.  The 3 founding members of are also the team behind the film: Michael Schreiber, producer; David Stott, director; and Adam Hill…

The Wisdom of Will Smith

I wanted to kick-off our blog with this video, which I’ve taken the time to consume now on multiple occasions.  Will Smith’s message is at the foundation of what we intend this site to be about.

Thank you for being among our first visitors!  I encourage you to comment on anything you see here now and in the future, and to let us now how we can make this site the most valuable to you.