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 The film  .  .  .  AND  .  .  .  the book.

Truly a one-two punch.   Either one alone has the potential to be of great benefit to you—as both an artist and a professional—if you apply what you learn.  Each of them are entertaining for anyone with an interest in acting or in actors.

Together, however, they bring each other to life.  When you better understand the challenges of the craft and business of acting, you can relate better to the ups and downs expressed by the actors in the film.  When you get to know the actors from Stages, the concepts articulated in Beyond the Moon become vital.

Both are meant to be returned to over and over to help you keep momentum, focus, and perspective.  Together, they form the foundation of knowledge from which we coach the actors we work with.

From the novice actor to the household name, all actors who are sustaining a career and advancing it to the next level have some things in common.

Famed acting teacher Adam Hill shares his observations from performing and teaching for over 50 years.  In support of his message, we hear from actors at all levels of experience, fame, and success.

Filmed in NYC, LA, Las Vegas, and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Watch the trailer, meet the cast, and benefit from all of their collective experience.

 Beyond the Moon is actually two books in one:

          • Beyond the Moon: A manual that illuminates the craft of acting.  Recommended for both the advanced actor as a reference, and the beginning actor as a springboard into more complete work.
          • You Got the Job (And What You Did to Get It): While the first half of the book empowers you to further your craft, You Got the Job arms you to approach the business of acting with intelligence and persistence.
Take responsibility for your career.