Picture Perfect

Agents receive a minimum of 350 pictures a week. Casting directors the same unless they are casting a project–then the total could be a thousand or more. What is going to make these business savvy professionals stop as they ?ip through these hundreds of photos and consider your picture?

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Q and A: Do You Need to be SAG or AFTRA?

Since writing this post, SAG and AFTRA have merged into SAG-AFTRA.  It’s one union…

Q: [Our son] has been doing some work as an extra and we have been asked if we are members of SAG of AFTRA. Do you recommend one and do you need to be a member of both to be able to work on a SAG project or AFTRA?

A: To simplify as best I can: if a production is signed under a union agreement, you need to be part of the union to work on that production.

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Adam Hill and Brad Garrett – “Stages”

Ladies and gentlemen…here is the first teaser for Stages, an educational documentary, coming soon.

A little history: working on “Stages” was the spark that eventually led to this website.  The 3 founding members of StageSuccess.com are also the team behind the film: Michael Schreiber, producer; David Stott, director; and Adam Hill…