The True Seed of Character Development

Casting is the process by which characters are born.  By choosing an actor suddenly the character is given eyes, hands, and a heart: the whole palette of humanity.  Directors are looking for the performer who brings her character to life, so that she is no longer an idea or words on a page but rather living, breathing, walking and speaking right before their very eyes. Continue reading

Making Effective Physical Choices

Physical Actions, or choices that you make to do something physical as your character, can often come across as gimmicky.  To be effective, they either happen spontaneously in a moment, or are well thought out and/or worked on during rehearsal.  They’re an asset only if they don’t intrude on the story or upstage where the focal point should be.  They can be extraordinarily effective but must be used sparingly and creatively.

The substance of a physical action must come from within the play or from the life of the character.  Otherwise it is nothing more than a gimmick.

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Go to Work

To have a successful career in stage, film, or television, you can’t treat your career casually.  You must work on your instrument daily.  If you are not in class or working, your instrument atrophies.  You can delude yourself into believing it doesn’t, but deep down you know it does.

It breaks my heart to see talented actor’s careers go down the drain because they treat their talents with an indifference, apathy, or simply unwise behavior. Continue reading

Adam Hill’s NYC Acting Class – Preparation

In this video, I discuss the work an actor must do to effectively prepare immediately before auditioning or performing.  And it has nothing to do with reviewing lines…

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